About "Collar"

At first glance, this town looks like Anywhere, USA.  Dawn, all is silent. An alarm clock sounds. In an instant, the street is teeming with ‘normal’ activity, a kitchen filled with breakfast action, a family heading off to work and school. The day is on.

This is the story of Det. Timothy James ("TJ") Williams, a ‘good’ cop rushing toward retirement in a month or so, his family, friends and the ‘suburban city’ of Grossman, NY, in which they live and work. He has worked diligently to help keep the community safe and mostly ‘free’ from the blight of the ‘outside world.’ There is seemingly little of the type of crime and corruption that plagues so many American communities. Drugs and violence are a creeping menace, a recent flood of opioids and ‘designer drugs’ working their way onto the local streets. The challenges are growing, but still seem to be ‘in check.’

There is nothing particularly ‘unusual’ about the Williams clan, itself. They are simply another working-class family with All-American values. Today should be just another typical day ‘on the job’. 

However, on this day, TJ will make a decision that alters the course of his life, nearly destroys EVERY relationship he has and forces him to confront many of the other ‘bad’ decisions he's made in the past. 

This is a tale of the ‘fallen’ and the trials that seeking Redemption can bring. As this detective discovers, finding the right place to turn around can be a first step on “the road less traveled.”

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