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High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) INVESTORs

To the Investor,
“Collar” is a recently completed, UNRELEASED, feature-length, motion picture that has been 7 years in the making. Currently being readied to tour the U.S. independent film ‘festival circuit,’ it is a timely piece that deals with major issues confronting law enforcement and Human rights in this country. Written and directed by David Patrick Wilson, he is joined by Tom Sizemore, Rebecca Demornay, Richard Roundtree, Jaime Santana, Kether Donohue, Iris Delgado, Novella Nelson and a stellar ensemble supporting cast.

Financed completely independently by majority owner, Nan Gill-Wilson through Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. (a WMBE company) for just under $1.5 million (USD), we are offering TEN PERCENT (10%) of the PRODUCER’S SHARES for ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($100,000.00). The purpose for this offer is to raise enough capital to support a ‘limited’ Domestic theatrical release (15-20 ‘select’ markets), thereby creating leverage for foreign and ancillary sales & rentals. It will also provide ‘seed’ funding ($25K) for a placement of an additional TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS ($20,000,000.00) through an offering made available under the recent changes in the SEC regulations (504 Reg. A) for ‘capital formation’ up to that amount.

This funding will be used to produce and campaign FOUR (4) additional scripted feature films with budgets from $3-5 million. It is our intention to film All the subsequent productions in New York State, which will garner up to 40% in tax credits and rebates, to be added to the Federal tax benefit of (IRS Sec. 15 – Rule 181a), which allows 100% ‘dollar-for-dollar’ deductions for INDEPENDENT projects budgeted up to $20M, when committed to production in that year, carried forward up to 3 years.

In addition to the producer’s equity shares in “Collar,” the investment will provide a ‘roll over’ option, to be invoked at the investor’s discretion, that will enable them to retain 5 points in the larger venture, as well. When the fund reaches a 50% threshold ($10M) the proceeds may be distributed for initial production and shares may be traded or sold on the ‘open market.’ At that point, the shares will effectively be worth No less than 20x what was initially paid for them.

For more details, please call us at 845.294.7500

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