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Police (PBA) -

Collar is a story about a cop facing retirement who has some serious on-the-job issues that arise through local, state, and national Patrolmans Benevolence Association (PBA). The producers are working with them to explore issues and answers.


Retirees - (AARP)

Retirees facing retirement as many American's are doing (baby banners). The threat and loss of job and pension benefits as a result of an accident confront many people (not just cops) especially in a down economy.

Girls at Risk (GEMS)

Young people at risk who must deal with many issues of social and economic import are confronted by circumstances that drive them to desperate actions on our streets. It is important that they have a voice through the media and organizations that can assist them. (GEMS, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA/YWCA).

Local Governments

Local governments and political organizations must be open to exercise scrutiny in their actions and activities. Through watchdog organizations (such as civilian review boards, consumer affairs, chamber of commerce, and election boards.) we can more effectively monitor governmental improprieties.

Animal Lovers

Animal lovers will be pleased to note that TJ's dog (Wizzer) is a rescued bull terrier. Through organizations such as Animal Farm Foundation, the ASPCA and local shelters we can rehabilitate abused and damaged pets to live productive lives and serve their humans.



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